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LIONS SHIRTS – Great news!  M&M Apparel in College Station has set us up with an online store to order our club shirts.  Remember, all orders are final since these are monogramed shirts.  To order and pay for your shirt, click on the link below:

MAKE DONATIONS  – To make a non-deductible donation in support of a Club event or cause, use the link below:

PAY DUES ONLINE –  If you want to pay your dues online, use the PayPal link below.  Please be aware that to use PayPal requires the member to pay the dues, plus the 2.9% fee and including a $.30 transaction fee.  So, for monthly dues of $45, the amount you need to pay is $46.70 (rounded up to the next even dime).

Dues 2.90% Flat Fee Total Payment
 $    45.00  $       1.31  $       0.30  $    46.61  $    46.70
 $    25.00  $       0.73  $       0.30  $    26.03  $    26.10



At Large Dues


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